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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Responding to comments

My ex wife Linda is commenting on another blog that posts court documents.

The changing from an angry cussing person to one that seems more reasonable is what everyone experiences with her. At times she can be a pleasant person and within seconds, change to the yelling, screaming and vulgar person. This type of personality disorder is very well defined by the medical society.
She becomes a classic case in her writings and her inability to keep a job, that revolves around something the employer does, or in several cases, she was just dismissed. 
The handling of money matters, bankruptcy, and cars repossessed because of undisciplined spending habits. The issue of self as it applies to relationships, manifests itself with the many boyfriends and dating life. People like her have the need to be a social butterfly and require acknowledgment from males around her. The drinking and sexual promiscuous  lifestyle is common with this type of personality disorder.   
The parental alienation is just the logical extension of the behavior. For these people to feel better about themselves, to build their confidence and to reassure their self-worth, they will attack others around them that they consider a threat. A threat is anyone or anything that they view as superior in some way. This threat must be destroyed in their mind. To elevate oneself to the next level in not an option in their mind , they can only hope to bring down or denigrate the one or ones they feel threaten by.
Having given the back ground again into BPD and PAS, I will address one of the two letter comments I found on another site that I have no affiliation with.
I will reply in (blue) within her letters

Hey all that information you posted good for you.. Yes this is Linda.. You have no idea what goes on as you walked out of those boys lives including Kalebs a year and a half ago.. the information you posted was stuff they wanted you to see so we all could see what you did with it and posted such crap..This is about what was posted on face book about pot use in her house. So she is stating that she had one of the boys and his wife post false allegations, as some kind of trap?  None of it is true and you have no idea what the truth is or will ever be....why would knowing the truth be something to hid?  You abandoned your children.......This is not true and documentation is fact, not her minds idea and your cancer is no ones fault but what God had in store for you....Sometimes she says I have cancer and other times when money was an issue she has argued that I did not and heredity... send your kids cards that preach religion....Sending a card with a biblical theme seems to upset her the kids don't even know where you live .....The return address was on every card, so this is just a lie she likes to tell everyone. She was the one that moved many times and never let me know where she lived and deceived me as to where the boys where staying because I did not know she had moved. She has again moved without letting me know where. I have to send cards to Kaleb and have him take them to the boys. Even Kaleb withholds the address from me and there is no public school record to resort to.   but your the first to stab them and everyone else in the back......Can anyone understand where her mind goes? And what is the reference to this statement? .I can't even begin to defend myself, anyone can post anything but it doesn't make it true.......Now we agree. This is the reason I reference court documents and e-mails that can be verified with times and dates. I do not make statements that cannot be supported Jan just FYI the court documents state that the case can be reopened because under oath Bruce stated he was divorced from you more then once while the judge and everyone else knows that your not in Yakima County Can you understand how this mind works? The Judge and everyone knows? Who is that and why would they care? Still, she has her facts wrong and for some reason is in denial of the truth. and found it pretty interesting that Bruce would give you everything Money, it is always about money. Again, it is very easy to document that I gave Linda everything she wanted. I was left owing more on the house than it was worth to cover her buying a home in Yakima, I paid to remodel it and she left with over $80,000 in assets while I had to get a loan on a tractor to pay for raising that year’s crop. This is the truth and is supported by documents. I kept the boys full time while she enjoyed her move. I picked them up and took them back to her place when we started rotation every other week. But to state these facts that she knows, is just a waste of time on my part. The truth is there any time anyone of the kids cares enough to seek it. ... toshow he had nothing... Bruce had the attny so I had nothing to do with that.....Hard to understand what this is about The judge gave me the opportunity to reopen the child support.. I did not......Here she now tries to be the nice and sensible person, fact is, she knows she can’t open what is a documented and closed case without evidence and the documentation is firm and filed. Move on with your lives.....I don't want to have to go back to court and relive the BS... and if they found you purgered yourself it won't be a good day...Just a little jab and threat, it’s the way her mind works
Good for you as the good Christian you are ...NOT..... MMM I think you've been married 3 or maybe 4 or maybe even more then that who knows. You are a black widow that sucks them in takes what she can and spits them out;;;
Now she gets back to personal attacks So stay out of our lives as you state your not part of them anymore.. your divorced from Bruce and want nothing to do with him....Look above, how long ago did she say that everyone knew we are not divorced?  You even made a blog that you hope he gets bucked off a horse and becomes paralyged....Sick, just really sick. The only one I know that said this was Linda Clark in an e-mail to me and I have submitted that letter to the court in statements a long time ago…now she takes her own words and blames them on Jan as an attack against her…just very, very sick. I think it is clear to anyone from this short letter how difficult life could be for Jan, (and the boys) having Linda as my ex wife. Good Christian women... You are his stresssssss.....Get a life and move on to your next victim........I believe God will take care of everyone in due time.. As you state you have blessed lives then have that and move on both of you... You caused this shame and pain.. as you know what the truth is and all that you've done.......This is typical of BPD but still very disturbing to see 1st hand again, blame, accuse, lie and attack…very sad .The facebook posts were bait and you bit and have posted so many things that just are not true....Do you really think they would post crap like that so you could see it.. Yes only as bait and you took it hook line and sinker..........I don’t have the words right now, she can’t understand what she has just said. She is referring to my blog on April 11th where I added support to the issue of Colton’s grades and behavior. Now she is calling her son and his wife liars or, or has used them again in a parental alienation scam that could only hurt Colton…I found out today that Linda went into the school, told them some outrageous lies and had me removed from the school website so I could not get grade and attendance records anymore. She does what she can to stop me from being involved with the boys at every step and yet will turn right around and say how I want no contact with them. This my friends is just what the Doctor said, “over the top bad” “worse case I have seen. “classic case of Parental Alienation.”   Have a Great Life!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Help, hey, I did not see my comment yet.
    I am in the same boat and tried to ask you a question on the other blog where you had stuff about school. I’ll try here again and sorry man. She is crazier than mine! What crap huh!
    Please tell me, what did you say to school guy because I…I have to do something and I’m at a loss.