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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

2nd comment from Linda Clark

Again, the letter illustrates a disturbed mind and how it uses personal attacks, lies and  PA as tools.
Nowhere does she address the school issue, but, she has just recently, personally walked in and had me removed from using the school website to view grades and attendance. This is how the issue was address in her mind, as long as I (Dad) don’t know about it or can’t find out, it will be ok and her actions or consequences for inaction, won’t be exposed, all at the expense of the children. I don't think their welfare has ever been the 1st consideration and e-mails and documents will substantiate my claim.

The letter is below and I will add my comments within it, in BLUE

Anonymous said...
Jan you just now stated NOW that your legally seperated hmmmm which is dated April 2011..Looking at the blog it clearly shows the date as February or 2009. I wonder sometimes, can a person be so blind or is she cunning in the way she blots out the facts that are before her eyes? To include the truth would stop any argument or comment so she has to deliberately avoid the truth.   Hmmm again Brucer purgered himself in court back in Oct 2010 stating more then once he was legally divorced from you... in Yakima county, I stated the fact also they may find it interesting to see your web pages and all the photos you have posted... of yourselves together dated 2011..There is no secret that I still love and enjoy Jan. I hope for a full reconciliation of our relationship at some point in the future but am willing to take it one day at a time right now. I fully enjoy the time I spend with all those I still consider as my family and my grand kids through Jan.   Good for you to show the lies that you've told.......There are no lies. I do think that she wonders why I would keep pursuing Jan after our "D" and that I did not do the same with her. I believe this question to be self apparent to all.  This web site and others are being forwarded to the authorities..She just can’t help herself, last letter is that she was not doing anything and just moving on and within 24 hours is back involving the court again. What does she hope to prove? For what reason? Hope she forwards my Blog also, to late :) I already have many times :)  Not printed but just the info to ck it all all out....but anyone can look at these and they will and have.....Wow, did you read the last 11 words? She made everything very clear how her mind works for everyone to see. You also had court interviews of minors posted... Oh another NO NO.... Shame on you both..........Interesting and I think the court will find this very interesting you must be very careful what you post as your lies don't come around to a full circle..She still has never said what one lie is As far as seeking help you and Bruce are the ones who need this.. I have never seen two grown people over the age of 50your in your 50's my goodness Grow up...... to be so obcessed with me...As for me, my blog is to help others understand PA, how it destroys lives, how to recognize it and perhaps, how to address it before it effects children in a more negative way. I also post this very personal part of my life as a testimony to my own experience, PA and the family court system and how it has affected my life and that of my children and family. Lead your blessed lives with all your happiness and leave us the heck alone..I do think that my comment in that blog about language has made a positive effect on her, if only in this one letter, it is a good start as I can’t remember her ever using the word “heck”.  No one cares about you two.... You both moved to Oregon Horray Horray...How does she know that when she said just the other day that the boys don’t know where you live, perhaps she was lying then?  so how can you both be the Tieton Truth and The Tieton Reporter.. Do yourselves a favor and stop while your ahead......I’m not sure how she has included me in this other blog, I just started looking at it.
Several people in the community responded to your BS blog as they are tired of you and your ridiculous hipicritical crap..Dang, it is sad to see a grownup playing make believe with this thing about other people in the community. I saw the comments and do not believe for a second that others would use that language and attacks. I stand by my belief that it is Linda or perhaps, one of the children under her direction.  I am sure a Doctor looking at the writing would agree with me. Quit preaching the religion and pray for people when obviously you need to be prayed for....The whole concept of prayer and religion escapes her and we have prayed for you....... All of those are not from me... so stop the accusations. OK, who are they from? And if they feel as strongly about the writing as they suggest, why withhold their name? .Jan I understand you've been married several times and ran away from home and gave birth at a very young age.Wow, now there is a Christian attack with no facts! this is not even close to a correct accounting of Jans early life. But then the truth, if Linda knew the truth about Jan, is not something she would like everyone to know as it would point out what a strong woman Jan really is Quit preaching and judging look at yourself in the mirror and fix your own life... Why don't you post what I have to say Oh I forgot no truth can be posted.....Seems it is posted because I have seen it and copied it to here. I am not going to waste anymore time on your pathectic lives....And Oh Bruce why would you blog Colton I Love You come visit me this Summer. Because if you show him the whole blog, maybe I will get something to him. Hell he couldn't even if he wanted to too he doesn' and your two others sons don't even know where you live....She just said that she knew, minutes ago in this letter of hers. The cards I have sent all have a return address, my e-mail is the same, my phone number has not changed and I am on face book for all to see, visit and Kaleb and Josh have.  What kind of mental abuse are you throwing his way again..Here we go, here is the allegations and charges and lies again… You abandoned Kaleb, Dakota and Colton... So move on..... Not one weekend visitation in a year and half....You didn't even acknowledge Kalebs marriage....but he had to go along with yours and your bitter wife....What can one say, this is just a reoccurring theme with her. Anyway good luck in all that you do and someday it will come around and bite you back. God will deal with this all in his way, and I see he has already started the process...... Yes, she thinks that my cancer is Gods way of punishing me. I trust in God and that everything is for a reason. I believe that my problems here were and are test of my faith, a test that brought me closer to Christ. This I believe was His plan and the rest is yet to be reviled. I pray for all my sons with all my strength and all my soul.  I even pray for Linda, and at times I think I am sincere and at times, I know I am just saying the words.
Still, if I have learned anything, it is to let go of hate and disappointment. To look forward to what can be. To embrace signs of improvement and to stand firm in the face of anger and mistruths. Because of my love for my savoir Jesus Christ, my sons and all my extended family and church family,,, I believe without a doubt that the power of prayer and the truth and the wisdom of time will prevail, and that my relationship with all my sons and family members will be restored.

 “He is not here; He has risen!” (Luke 24:6, NIV)

His mission on earth was accomplished! He did exactly what needed to be done to save each and every one of us from the sins that tempt us every single day! The very same power that was living in Christ and allowed Him to arise from the dead is living in each of us if we choose to accept it. The choice is ours! It belongs to each of us individually. Make your choice today! He died for us; let’s live for Him!

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  1. Who is this Linda Clark person? I feel sorry for u having to deal with a messed up woman like that. Nah, mostly for the kids she mentions in her comments. Dude, how long u been divorced from that nasty beast?