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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Helping by replying to a comment/request

Ok, per request, I will make public the response a gave the school after being contacted with the letter below;

         Colton was observed using his cell phone between classes (a violation of school policy) and Mrs. Kramer asked him to please stop talking and to hand her the cell phone. Colton refused.  I then came upon the situation and I too asked Colton to hand over his cell phone and he again refused.  I then escorted Colton to the office.  I noticed this is the 5th incident this school year involving things like disrespect, inappropriate behavior, failure to comply, etc this year.   Knowing how well behaved your other two boys have been I knew you would like to hear about Colton’s behavior. If you have any questions please contact me anytime.

My reply below;

You have no idea how sad I am to hear about the conflict with my son Colton. I never raised any of my sons to be disrespectful in any manner to anyone.
I would never condone or in any way tolerate such behavior.
In my opinion, you and the other school officials involved, have the right to severely discipline Colton and have a duty to your other students to maintain order in the class rooms. Colton’s defiance of authority is unacceptable in a family, school and society. This type of action should not be a role of the school (reality is different)  as I believe children should be prepared for the learning experience from their parents. I apologize that this is not the case.
Sir, due to an ugly divorce situation involving confirmed and documented parental alienation with the boy’s mother Linda Clark, I have been taken out of the parenting equation. This PAS seems irreversible at this time. Please be aware, his mothers views of parenting are much different than mine. You may hear support from her in words in a conference as she tries to appease the district but the home atmosphere is one that does not support correct actions from Colton. For my part and failure in Colton’s life, I apologize, but at this point he no longer looks at me as a father and I have been effectively taken out of that role, much to the determent of Colton and my personal disappointment.
Colton was and could be a very good and respectful young man. I hope and pray that your actions will enforce that, following rules is a requirement and not an option.  
Sir, if I could help right now I would. If cutting off my right arm would correct Colton’s behavior I would. The conflict and disappointment has taken a direct toll on my health and I have moved as a result.

xxxx, please feel free to forward this everyone involved. I am very sorry that I cannot be of help to you.
Still, thank you for your notice and efforts,

Everyone should understand the effects of and how Parental Alienation destroys children's futures.

Hope this helps you Sir.


  1. Wow, thanks, good man, very good!

  2. Been following this blog. Your letters and reply's are good but don't you think that actions speak louder than words?
    When will you do something other than blog about your problem?
    To me, you need to get back to court and get your son. As you wrote about your sons, MAN UP!