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Monday, April 11, 2011

Lawyers, Judges, Kids, ex wives and Consequences of Their Actions

Blain Connaughton Yakima WA attorney at law.

I am witting this so you know what you can expect from family court lawyers and the court system that is in place to make money from you.

I am not naïveté enough to think that Mr. Connaughton (Cotton head) is much different that others legal rapists, I am sure he is not. The problem is the whole system and how it allows lawyers to lie in a court room and for judges or commissioners that enable them and allow/condone this type of conduct.
In my case it was commissioner Lani-Kai Swanhart of the Yakima county family court system in Yakima Washington. She has been constantly voted the worst judge in the state of Washington, and for very good reasons, she destroys families and fathers. I have filed a complaint against her with the Judicial review board for her actions of stealing my children and not letting testimony from Dr, Robert Newell a forensic and clinical psychologist in Yakima, Washington be entered into her court room. Dr. Newell had seen and visited with my ex-wife and the two boys of which the battle was over. He wrote a report for the court but Swanhart would not let it be entered. Blain Connaughton (cotton head) knew the Dr. and knew he would find out, and tell the truth about the Parental alienation that was taking place, so,  he objected to Dr. Newell even seeing the boys.
Justice? No, but he was defending his client, even if it meant harming the children. Money comes first, truth and the children’s welfare are secondary.
Dr Newell reported to a court appointed investigator (I had to fight hard to get one appointed) that this was the worst case he had ever seen in his 20 plus years, “over the top bad”. Those were his words, but again, Cottonhead and Swanhart stopped the court appointed investigators report from being heard or entered into her court room and record. Justice? There is no such thing in the family court, none. As I said the investigators report that was delivered to the commissioner was not allowed to be read or implemented because it would point out the facts of the case and totally support the fathers (my) position and be opposed to the ruling of Swanharts. The investigator interviewed the boys, the ex and myself and wrote a very lengthy report. The report questioned the mothers intent and motive as financially  based. This was because the ex wife did not express concern about the boys but repeatedly eluded to the fact that I made more money than her and she was broke. The matter and allegations was and had always been about money and how Linda felt I owed her more. Getting custody of the boys was the only way she could, and in reality did increase her yearly income by over $22,000 a year. New cars followed as did the drinking and nightlife. The child support was based on a one time, very good return from the farming operation. Something that every farmer and rancher needs every 5 years to stay in business. I paid on the gross income without expenses and did so for 2 ½ years because of Swanhart and the fact that Blain Connaughton lied to the judge during a trail where I was not present because of my job duties. Connaughton had an update child support work sheet and the new income records, but lying was more profitable for him. He also asked the judge to have me pay his expenses also, as I was not at the trail, was not represented and could not defend myself. I had a hearing just the week before and explain that I could not make that date. I spent most of day informing the court, Cotton head, the administrator and clerk, just to make sure I was doing all I could.  I was gone and out of the state for 10 days and I found out just days before leaving that my attorney would not be able to attend in my absence. Basically, whatever could go wrong for me, did.

I filed a complaint with the Washington BAR association. I do not believe anyone, even a lawyer has the right to conduct themselves in such a manner. Especially when those actions harm children and adversely affect their futures. Knowingly doing this is appalling. This is prostituting oneself for money and the definition of that is a Whore. If fact, I told Mr. Connaughton this very thing in the Judge’s chambers! Called him a court whore! Well…at some point the facts need stated. Tell you what, after I said my peace about attorneys…and Swanhart informed me that she too was an attorney, you could hear the wagons circling and I was on the outside!
The truth is the truth. Swanhart was not prepared and had not even read the statements entered. She asked cotton head what they said and he just started lying and that was good enough for her. Swanhart had not read any statements supporting my position, written and filed by others! She refused to consider anything but her preconceived notion. Between the two of them, it was a kangaroo hearing behind Swanharts closed doors.

Cotton head (all disrespect is intended) lied in the court room multiple times and in a response to my complaint filed with the WA bar association, lied to them (Washington State BAR Association) and accused me of false claims. He said my charge that he told the court that the boys would kill their father if returned was absolutely false. The transcript of the hearing date backs up just what I said! Blain Connaughton lied again and this time to the BAR.  The transcript of Dec 10th 2008 case number 02-3-01033-7 and written by a court approved transcriber (Charmie Pulse) documents (page 5) what I said as correct. Cotton head did say “They say their gonna kill their dad that they’ll leave and he says fine”. This lie by Blain Connaughton start a chain of events that had a devastating effect on many lives! Nowhere and never, did I say that nor did the children. Their mother, Connaughtons client, told  Dr Newell and the court appointed interviewer that they never made such a statement and his client even said that the statement was “attributed solely” to him. In a direct question, the Dr reports “Linda was able to clarify the issue and reported that the statement made to the commissioner Swanhart by her attorney was attributed solely to him. She further confirmed that neither she nor either boy had made a statement to her attorney, or indirectly, or that either boy had made any statements about wanting to harm his father”. So Blain Connaughton lied to the court and to the BAR, that is documented and the fact! He went on to lie that day that the 18 year old son living with me, moved out and moved in with his mother when he got out of school as soon as he could. That was a lie. My son moved back East to a job. Cottonhead went on to say in court, at the hearing, with my wife setting next to me, when talking about picking the children up from school that “he’s gone to Oregon with his girlfriend to pick up some horses.” That again is a lie, as I did not have a girl friend and never left on any such trip. Cotton head was trying to portray me worse than his client because she had a documented history, backed up with filed court statements, that it was Linda and not me that had the unhealthy gambling, drinking and dating life style. All of his (Connaughton) lies were to influence the court that I was a despicable person. Swanhart would not then nor in many other hearings afterwards, let me or anyone else challenge or dispute those claims. 17 testimonials in support, police, CASA GAL, school board members, teachers, principle, church members, family friends (knowing my ex and me 1st hand), ex employer, and the oldest sons 5 page statement would not derail the lies started by Cottonhead

I could go on and on but the point is Blain Connaughton is a documented liar! Lani-Kai Swanhart is a poor excuse for a Judge and a despicable human being.

Problem is they are not alone! Family problems (Family Court System) are big business for the attorneys and courts! They work together not to solve issues in a fair and just manner but to keep the bucks rolling in with litigation and legal fighting, all at the expense of you and your children. In my case, because I fought so long and hard, my health…they stole that too.

I have come to peace with the outcome of that part of my life. I have moved and started a new. I could not stay, could not take the daily pain and reminder of what happened because of the lies. It was killing me, I developed cancer from the unbearable stress they caused me.

My youngest son…I love all my sons…my youngest son is suffering the most. His relationship with his brothers and the oldest son mostly, has suffer greatly. Those two were very close and great friends as were all the boys. Yet because of Parental Alienation and then the tragedy that is the family court system, their relationship will sadly, never be the same. Colton went from (while in my full custody) a well liked and respectful fun kid with a 3.57 GPA to the letters I have received below;

         Colton was observed using his cell phone between classes (a violation of school policy) and Mrs. Kramer asked him to please stop talking and to hand her the cell phone. Colton refused.  I then came upon the situation and I too asked Colton to hand over his cell phone and he again refused.  I then escorted Colton to the office.  I noticed this is the 5th incident this school year involving things like disrespect, inappropriate behavior, failure to comply, etc this year.   Knowing how well behaved your other two boys have been I knew you would like to hear about Colton’s behavior. If you have any questions please contact me anytime.

We have not been mailing grades home this year.  Students are provided grades at 6 weeks and 9 weeks into each trimester which they are to share with parents....seems like that is not effective in this situation.

You can access your son's grades and attendance information on the internet.
I am forwarding your e-mail to Joan Amos (schools registrar) she will provide you access information and passwords.

Colton's current grades: WA Hist. C+, Health/PE B,   Agriculture B-,  Algebra
I  C-,  Science  B,  English 9  F (57%)

He owes 10 hours of make-up time for attendance issues or he will lose credit in some of these classes.  Tri-mester ends Friday 3-11. He has until Sat 3-12 to make up these hours.

Think of you and your situation often. I admire your high standards, hope you are doing well, m.

Coltons grades have been on  a steady fall from the 3.575 on 2008, 3.176 7 months later, 2.889 one year later, 2.379 one and a half years later to now……………….failing. 15 days of missed school in 2 tri-mesters, from the 1st of the school year until the 7th of April. All but two were excused by his mother! Who does that? 17 times he was tardy and 4 days mark absent as “other”. That is 19 total days of being absent from school and late to class, 17 times! How can you be a parent and not keep your kid in school, learning! That is not love… it is uncaring and abusive to be so negligent of a parenting responsibility.

What she does teach is this at home;

Colton has posted on his my space account that;
“my dad is a piece of shit”.
The language he uses is beyond me, not the comment about me but how he address his friends. A child should never be allowed to speak in such a manner.
He sent me messages on face book “IRS” perhaps that was from his mother. I have been told that any mail I send to the boys gets opened and read by her 1st and after hearing that, I question if some letters I have sent even get to them at all.

The issue with Linda Clark, Colton’s mother, revolves around money. I am so afraid that when Dakota graduates in a couple of months and the child support is cut in half, that Linda will no longer find Colton valuable enough for the inconvenience he poses to her life. 3-18-11 his brother and his wife who are living with Linda at this time, wrote on face book about Colton smoking pot, his mother knowing but not caring and how her dating life was the priority. I am so very sorry for Colton and all my sons for the actions of their mother. I believe that very shortly, Colton will be threatened by getting kicked out of that house. She will abandon him instead of correcting her own behavior, taking responsibility for his attitude and fighting for his life. She has full custody and with that comes full responsibility. Right now he has totally changed his behavior and is becoming a little gang banger. Pants hanging low, flat hat and rumors about substance abuse while he is in his room.  His mother has allowed that and by her own actions promoted the behavior because it goes against everything I tried to instill in the boys. I think Colton was just to young when the court stole him away, and now patterns after his mothers behavior. 

Tired of youngest brother being a total waste of fucking shit and nothing being done about it
·  He's just a piece of shit pot head at only 14 years old
Saturday at 11:16am · LikeUnlike
Samantha Belton Dang!!! I'm sorry! That's rough!! Where is he living??
Saturday at 11:17am · LikeUnlike
Kaleb Clark He's are my moms where I'm at till I leave for the army in Sept.
Saturday at 11:56am · LikeUnlike
Samantha Belton You and sierra are living with your mom? Does she know what he's doing?
Saturday at 11:57am · LikeUnlike
Saturday at 1:15pm · LikeUnlike
Kaleb Clark Yes she knows and he just denies it but you can't denie the smell lol
Saturday at 1:38pm · LikeUnlike
Sierra Autumn Clark No she just doesn't want to deal with it she has more important things to deal dating...God forbid we interrupt a date;)

Dakota Clark Seriously
9 hours ago · LikeUnlike
Josh Clark wait til he turns 18 ... then give him an ass whoopin
about an hour ago · LikeUnlike
Bruce Clark I can't tell you how sorry I am for Colton. He should never be allowed to grow up the way he has. Pray for him and if you think I can do something, just ask. 

I will appeal to the school and others officials in an attempt to keep Colton from falling further in his life and pray for him. I have met with my pastor, a very important man in my life, and discussed the situation. He asked for photos, printed some and posted them where he could look into Colton’s eyes and pray for him. He, his wife and our church are such a blessing for me. I believe it was God’s plan (for reasons unknown to me, yet some are becoming apparent) and the game is not over yet. I lost a fight, but with the help of my church, my God and my savior, my friends and family, we will not lose the war.

Colton is having a very difficult time right now but is not lost. He is loved still by those he has rejected. Great thing is, we have not rejected Colton. He is loved and we will work to save his future. Collectively we will pray for him. Together we will support and love always.

I know and trust in God that all things are for a reason. I know that this whole ordeal has brought me to a point in my faith and relationship with Christ that I may not have attained without this family disaster that brought me to my knees. At one point in my life I thought I  could whip the devil, never tempt EVIL. The fight will never be fair and innocents will suffer.
I now trust in God, His strengthen, His righteousness and the power of prayer!

As for the Family Court System in Yakima Washington, Attorney  Blain Connaughton, Commissioner  Lani-Kai Swanhart and my Ex wife Linda Kay Clark, I will need the lord to work more on my heart, before I can honestly say that I forgive them for the evil they have done.

 Colton, I love you...Come visit me this summer, please.



  1. Honestly ur full of shit on here just like on tietontattler also, the both of u r. U say u pray for him and love him i doubt it since u left those kids and moved. i have heard the truth from them and what has gone on. u r the one with the mental illness saying all of this bullshit. this also another fake blog to get people on ur side by lying to them on wat went on between u the court ur sons ur wife and ex wife. i guess ur referring to her pulling a gun on lavona fuller hmmm well lavona did follow her there and started to fight her but got her ass kicked by linda clark and lavona also tried running over linda clark with her car so maybe u should get ur facts straight before u post it on here like the rest of the lies r. They all are lies on here every and i meen EVERY word is and i dont give a fuck if u also block this blog and need an invite for it like the tietontattler did recently do to comments that told the truth about the two of u JAN and Bruce aka Pony Xpress and Just A Dad. Have a fucking glorious day u lying asshole

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      If you say everything on the internet is a lie, then wouldn't your above acounts be a lie too. Nice work with the contradicting yourself. That is awesome! Maybe you are one of those people who would benefit from thinking before speaking.

  2. The comment from Anonymous is again from my ex wife Linda. It is sad that anyone has so much anger in them. It is sad that a mother could read a blog post such as the one she commented on, and have the view she expresses, in the words she expresses herself in.. Please pray for her healing and for the boys in her care

  3. again thinkin its ur ex wife wen its not u always blame her because u cant deal with other people sayin the truth and to call u out on ur lies

  4. Dear Anonymous, perhaps you are the same person who left the earlier comment, perhaps not. Perhaps I am wrong about who wrote the 1st comment. I just only know one adult that speaks and uses the language that was posted. Perhaps you are child that is lacking in the proper use of the English language. Whoever you are, I invite you to read all the posts on this blog and if you have an issue with some statement, then ask me directly about it. If I am incorrect in any way, I will publicly correct it. I will not allow anymore vulgar comments on this blog. If you wish to call me out on anything that is posted here, please feel free to do so and I will post and respond to your question. If you cannot abide by this simple rule of civility and respect, then it will be assumed that your allegations are not based in fact and cannot be supported or that you are not capable of speaking without cursing. There is much good information from Doctors and other helpful groups on the subject of PAS on this blog. I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity in your life and educate yourself by submitting to the truth that is posted here. Thank you in advance for your understanding and stay tuned.

  5. I have seen responses before but yours was spot on! It does not take anyone very long to fully understand and sympathize with your situation.
    Your children know and will someday except the truth in your case. I know this without knowing you. I have followed your blog and remarks for a study/paper I am doing.
    Just wanted to drop you a word of encouragement!

  6. Interesting. You are pretty straight forward about naming names in the Yakima family court system.
    Per your suggestion, I am reviewing your case documentation.

  7. Cute, it appears that if you conjure the devil the devil himself appears! (see anonymous "BC" above). Well I heard through very reliable sources that Mrs. Connaughton is not a very happy woman, how could she be? My ex wanted to settle amicably with me at one point, giving me a large portion of cash instead of a lengthy court battle. Always after a buck, BC talked him out of it. It was to be the childrens college $$$. You sir will be reckoned with, but know I forgive so as to release you to the wrath of He alone who judges.

  8. Did you find Blaine T. Connaughton the lawyer to be a dangerous and masterfully exploitative and manipulative man? Did you experience any of the following criminal behaviors against you when interacting with him: Extortion, blackmail, malicious intimidation, verbal and emotional abuse, threats of slander, and defamation of character, threats of physical or bodily harm, sexual coercion, vandalism, and stalking? All done without leaving any tangible trace for legal action. If so, your only recourse may be a video camera, voice mail/recorder, daily diary, and a Civil Class Action Lawsuit. You may also want to Google "legal misconduct" for other resources.

  9. The following was posted on another website by one of Blaine T. Connaughton's clients: "I was in his office and he put his hand down my pants and said if I did not do what he wanted he would throw my case! I dont know what to do. I found out Blaine Connaughton made a guy I know screw Blaine in the Ass or he was going to throw his case too. This are for real matters and more and more people are coming out with the truth!!!"

    Extortion and blackmail are federal crimes and punishable by federal law. The Attorney General of the State of Washington is available to investigate such claims. It probably can even be investigated by the FBI if reported. Until Blaine's vicitms begin reporting his criminal behavoirs to those entities that can actually do something about them - he will continue to have an attorney license.

    Shakespeare's book "Othello" is an interesting read which portrays a classic psychopath named "Iago" one of the great defining villians of literature. He masquerades as a friend, which disquises his scheme to manipulate, betray and destroy those he knows.

  10. Plan and simple we live in a world of greed discontent and dishonesty. The court system is certainly not obscrered from it. None of you have the actual truth and that will be in the final days of Gods Judgement.
    No I didn't try to run over Linda Clark she and Daniel Fuller was drunk and the house my children was staying in at the time during court preceedings of condemnation was hidding my kids away in the home as my sister had informed me. I a concerned mother for there saftey again went to check on them as they were driving with them drunk in there care. I was there to take my daughter and or my son back to the home the court awared me and the kids in the first preceedings. First degree assault with a deadly weapon was filled in the court system and not prosecuted. On 5-06-09. Another grave disgrace to me and my kids and family.
    The second time I was assaulted was after another court preceeding in which my lawyer at the time asked Mrs. Swanheart if she had seen the infamous documents that Daniel G. Fuller stand in our orchard around our friends and family and screams he wants me dead in a ditch. He didn't want to pay child support alomony or have me listed on the entity.
    He laughed that he had Shawn Murphy try to make me sign off on the Deeds of Trust to Daniel G Fuller afeter all the disturbances we had gone through the past 6 years of loosing his father and his mother being in an accident. Yes I work and always have. I was a full time mother, took care of grandparents and my childrens school and managed all the business payroll and housing for 25 years. Yes I was a valuable partisipant to the business running smoothly and without my family helping renovate the older homes and working the fields as my parents had done for years there would have been no Fuller Orchard for anyone to earn money off of.

    In Jesus Name Abolish Anymore of this Blog for the Children sake.

  11. Found this today on it certainly hits home for us parents who have been alienated from our own children by money hungry spouses.

  12. I think one should Google this "Blaine Connaughton scam". I was floored as I wanted to check out and see if you had truth to what you were saying. There is a ton of people that have had some rather disturbing problems with this "person' Blaine Connaughton. Claims of all sorts of grave impropriety abound. Do your own research before you hire this guy!

  13. From your post nearly 33 months ago:
    The issue with Linda Clark, Colton’s mother, revolves around money. I am so afraid that when Dakota graduates in a couple of months and the child support is cut in half, that Linda will no longer find Colton valuable enough for the inconvenience he poses to her life.
    I believe that very shortly, Colton will be threatened by getting kicked out of that house.
    She will abandon him instead of correcting her own behavior, taking responsibility for his attitude and fighting for his life.
    She has full custody and with that comes full responsibility. Right now he has totally changed his behavior and is becoming a little gang banger. Pants hanging low and rumors about substance abuse.
    His mother has allowed that and by her own actions promoted the behavior because it goes against everything I tried to instill in the boys.
    Now for the FACTS:
    Colton has indeed been kicked out of Linda's home, she has no care, custody or control over him what so ever and the entire community and the school knows this.
    He's been expelled from the high school.
    He's already fathered his own son at 15 years old.
    The insubordination has grown!
    The alleged drug issue has now grown!
    At $500.00 per month he just isn't worth Linda's time anymore just like you feared would happen and wrote about on this very blog 33 months ago.

    The Highland community is still praying for you Bruce, for your health while you battle Cancer and for your son.
    We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, even though we know you will once again spend it without your sons.

  14. Neighbors,
    1st, thank you for your prayers for me and my family, it means a great deal to us.
    My fears, as you state, seem to have been justified. That is sad, wish I were wrong.
    I do not know where Colton lives; you who live there know more than I do. (the information I have is that he sleeps in many different places)
    I think that he has been able to return to school but huge attendance and effort issues remain.
    He is a bright boy and I hope he will become a happy and productive young man that I envisioned years ago.
    He has the tools, he has the back ground, he still has the love of a huge family, he just needs to embrace the love and hope and reject that anger and resentment that has been instilled in him.
    He has made some very poor choices and has not been able or willing to overcome a constant bombardment of lies and negativity.
    But he still has choices and I pray that he starts making good ones.

    Again, thank you for your concern and prayers, we all need lots of those.
    Merry Christmas to you and may God bless you and yours in the coming New Year

  15. God help anyone that has to deal with that Blaine Connaughton. My experience was one of dealing with a man of dishonor, disrespect, and dysfunction. The man should not be allowed to practice law.

    1. I have not kept up on Mr. Connaughton but I am sorry that he is still allowed to practice. I understand that the commissioner is no longer there and that is good news. Last note in Connaughton, I found him to be everything that is wrong with our legal system. I feel very sad that lawyers like him are in the system.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. Want info on what that Connaughton is all about, just Google the man and read up. This case on this board appears to be one of many people that have been the victim of his cruel, uncaring, compassionate ways! Family lawyers need to think about how their actions effect the life's of the children or older folks.

  18. You are correct! It is easy to see the type of man Connaughton is. I had many opportunities to stand next to him and hear him flat out lie in front of me in the court room, in behind closed doors in the judges chambers. The man has no morals, no honor and no ethics. He will lie in an attempt to cast doubt on his opposition. He has no thought for the children in the case, only for himself and how much money he can make from dragging out the case.
    In my words he is as low a human as their is. He works to wreak lives and that is Evil!
    I'm truly sorry for anyone that has any dealings with this man.

  19. Actually, we had the judge interview the children so she could make her own decision. Mr. Clark is a child abuser in denial. He has other issues that are obvious. He needs to come out of the closet and get some help. He also had abused his former wife.l. Not somebody you want around children! Or females either!

  20. An established child abuser posting his anonymous rant. He abused his children and his ex wife. Too bad the judge saw through his denial after she interviewed the children and got the story first hand. This sub species needs treatment! Unlikely he will eveer get it!