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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lani-Kai Swanhart, an unfit Commissioner

I have been very silent about my case for a long time and instead, posted information that would be more useful to all. I now must start posting the crazy behavior I have found in the court systems so that you will know what you are getting into. It will not be just a disagreement with your ex. It will become a full, down in the gutter fight with your ex, attorneys (both yours and your ex) and the family court system that you find yourself in.

I will start with the latest regarding just a simple signing of an order. I will explain more and post the formal complaint I filed against both this commissioner and the attorney who represented my ex Linda. His documented lies in the court room went unchallenged from commissioner Swanhart.

In fact, her ruling was based on false information where she did not allow any disagreement, investigation or input from the opposing side before she made her ruling. You will see the entire complaint in the coming Blogs!

Below is just a short complaint I posted on her court forum;

Lani-Kai Swanhart needs replaced. She has failed the families in Yakima county. She demonstrates a lack of fairness, reasonability and responsibility.

I have filed a formal complaint with WA State and with the Yakima County Commissioners for her destructive and bias nature. Such a person should never be in the position she holds.

To fully understand her ineptitude, you only need to sit in her court room for a very short time.

My case had been appointed to a real Judge and had been ruled on. Both parties had agreed to and signed a modification. My attorney took the order to be signed and entered but had the misfortune to encounter Swanharts court room. She then refused one of the most simple of task for her court. She delayed a lawfully decided action and wasted more court and attorney time with her petty prejudice that reflects her common discrimination in my case.

The short e-mail below from my attorney speaks for itself.
“I just wanted to inform you that your orders were not entered because Commissioner Swanhart has been on the bench and because of your complaint against her; she refused to sign the orders. We will need to get the orders in front of a different judge so that they are signed and entered.”

Lani-Kai Swanhart is a disgrace and should be removed!



  1. Commisioner Lani-Kai Swanhart is a disgrace and should be removed!

  2. Astadler, I agree but their system protects their own

  3. I am in the process of filing an official complaint with the commission of judicial conduct against Swanhart. I have talked with many others who have suffered her wrath. If others are interested, google washington state commission of judicial conduct to file a complaint. I was given this information from the ACLU.

  4. How did you get your case transfered to a real judge? I need to do the same.

  5. Simple, effective and much needed… file complaints with the WA State BAR, the WA State Judicial review board, Yakima supreme court judge and the county commissioners.
    Just state the facts in your case and how Swanhart has abused her office. Forms can be found on line.
    You will never have your case heard before her again!
    Swanhart is a hack and she needs dismissed without benefits!

  6. Just a Dad,
    Did you get any better result with a different judge. I am afraid of the wrath of Swanhart and her influence in the "good Ol boys or girls" club. I believe she is also influenced by who you are and what your last name is or social status. She does not protect children and she has no common since. She does not see or hear the facts. I honestly believe her job is just a paycheck for her. She DOES NOT care about the safety or well being of any child! Depending on who you are, you can present one lie after another and she will never question it.
    Swanhart has done enough damage in this county, she does need to go! Remember this at election time. Look around and see who her supporters are and make them aware of her incompetence. If we ever get done with our case we will be going to the Wa State Bar, and finding out how to make some of these judges become responsible for their lack of judgement. Swanhart needs to be made accountable.

  7. I am a GAL in the Yakima court system but I also work with a parent who is representing him/herself to gain custody or increased visitation. I provide advocacy and case management.

    I have and M.S.S.W. from Columbia University and years of experience working with children and families in the family court system.

    Since only 28% of the father's in Yakima County have 50 percent custody of their child/ren, advocacy and case managment are critical to increasing the father's involvement with the child. Counties on the western side of the state have upwards of 65% of the fathers who have 50% custody of their child.

    I am easily able to challenge court custody investigators or GALs who often lack the experience I hold.

    Parental alienation is an extremely important issue and judges must be reminded how damaging it is for the kids. 509-312-9850

  8. I need to know how to get in front of a differnt judge I am trying to get custody of my daughter from her abusive grandparents I have been in front of Swanhart before and because my mother lost custody of us Swanhart was was the judge she made her decision based on my mothers case not on mine so PLEASE help me anyone call me Im taking my daughter to the police station today to show them pics of bruises ond other evidence & I DO NOT WANT TO GO IN FRONT OF SWANHART AGAIN!! PLEASE HELP ME!! 509-941-9078 thank you

  9. I am so sorry for you problems. I have been away from this blog for a reason. File a compliant with the judicial board and you will not be in front of here again

    1. Can it be that easy? Will the next judge be biased because a complaint was filed against Swanhart? That woman is ruining entire families! WHY can't the judge's see this and get her out of there??? JustADad: Is this what you did? Oh God help all the children and their families whenever Swanhart is involved.

    2. And do you know who her favorite attorney is? Maybe if I hire someone she likes, she'll use her bias-ness and rule in my favor.

  10. lol some real butthurt dads here who probably beat their kids. ya'll need to find something better to do than whine on the internet

  11. Hi Bruce Clark. We are watching you.

  12. I am a father who is currently going through a divorce in Swanhart's courtroom. Our divorce proceedings are now in year three. I live three hours from Yakima and have been traveling to court once on average for the past three years. My court summary looks like an epic novel. I would not even waste my time or money going if not for my son. Swanhart does not look over any of the documentation I provide anyway, yet she rules based on anything my ex says no matter how absurd. The entire time my son suffers. I don't even tell anyone what went on in court because they wouldn't believe it without actually being there, I wouldn't. It has been a real eye opener to how much pain a bitter woman in a powerful position can inflict on a family. I think it time to rotate the stock at the courthouse.

  13. I am haveing same proublem this lady she is a waste i have contacted channle 29 news hopeing they would run a storyon this so far no luck iv been in her court for 3 years now seems like even when i have documented proof of how this person has lyed in court it still goes there way and kids get screwed we have had kids since birth and have custody it was 7 years when father took us to court and has been handed every thing he has asked for kids were taking by cps because of major drug use by parents i will write more later have to go to work so i can pay my lawer

  14. The poster is a documented child abuser, a coward and a liar. Review his court file before believing what this abuser has to say.

  15. I had my own nightmare with Swanhart back in 2010. My ex-husband had a 50/50 custody parenting plan in place for only 5 or 6 months and allowed his attorney's petition to modify the plan to granting my ex full custody. His basis for the petition was he felt I was mentally unfit to parent our daughter, who was 9 at the time, because I was a recent victim of rape. I could not believe that she would allow a victim of a sex crime to be re-victimized, and to even allow that as just cause to move forward in court proceedings. I was for sure any judge with a brain would throw it out. Furthermore, and it may not mean much, but my ex had not even competed the mandatory parenting classes before the divorce was finalized. I did, and he had done so much mental manipulation do my daughter. All of this was so transparent, but somehow she didn't care. I thought it was also due to the fact that my ex was able to afford an attorney, but I could not and had a difficult time representing myself because I was ignorant to the family court process. I eventually gave up and let him have what he wanted because I was so broken financially and emotionally due to missing work for family court, and having to be at my rape trial.

    I see now that it was not just I, and now I know this woman's mission is to break up families and not keep children in the custody of both parents equally. I have thought about going back to court through the years, but figure what is the point if she is still at the bench.
    I want to point out that my long tangent is not to bad mouth my ex, even though he was selfish in his actions because he was hurt and did not want the divorce, but to share how inept Judge Swanhart is. I think she is jaded by family law and the overload of cases she sees on a daily basis. I do not if she has retired, and if she hasn't she needs to because families, especially the children, need a judge who truly cares and puts the time and thought into the decisions that affect families for a lifetime.