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Monday, October 10, 2011

Help in Yakima family court

I felt it very important, to not only post the comment below Lani-Kai Swanhart, an unfit Commissioner but to add it to the blog pages. It seems there is help in Yakima and if you are in family court there, I would encourage you to contact the number below. You will need to do your investigation and use your best judgment when contacting the number below. I cannot recommend anyone that I personally don’t know. Still, I think it would be worth your time visit with the person below;

I am a GAL in the Yakima court system but I also work with a parent who is representing him/herself to gain custody or increased visitation. I provide advocacy and case management.

I have and M.S.S.W. from Columbia University and years of experience working with children and families in the family court system.

Since only 28% of the father's in Yakima County have 50 percent custody of their children, advocacy and case management are critical to increasing the father's involvement with the child. Counties on the western side of the state have upwards of 65% of the fathers who have 50% custody of their child.

I am easily able to challenge court custody investigators or GALs who often lack the experience I hold.

Parental alienation is an extremely important issue and judges must be reminded how damaging it is for the kids. 509-312-9850