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Monday, October 10, 2011

Help in Yakima family court

I felt it very important, to not only post the comment below Lani-Kai Swanhart, an unfit Commissioner but to add it to the blog pages. It seems there is help in Yakima and if you are in family court there, I would encourage you to contact the number below. You will need to do your investigation and use your best judgment when contacting the number below. I cannot recommend anyone that I personally don’t know. Still, I think it would be worth your time visit with the person below;

I am a GAL in the Yakima court system but I also work with a parent who is representing him/herself to gain custody or increased visitation. I provide advocacy and case management.

I have and M.S.S.W. from Columbia University and years of experience working with children and families in the family court system.

Since only 28% of the father's in Yakima County have 50 percent custody of their children, advocacy and case management are critical to increasing the father's involvement with the child. Counties on the western side of the state have upwards of 65% of the fathers who have 50% custody of their child.

I am easily able to challenge court custody investigators or GALs who often lack the experience I hold.

Parental alienation is an extremely important issue and judges must be reminded how damaging it is for the kids. 509-312-9850


  1. Thank you for putting this out there about the failing Yakima County Family Court system. There are no excuses for us fathers here in Yakima to be getting screwed like this. Are we somehow WORSE fathers than the guys in Seattle? Give me a break, look at these numbers. Its an atrocity what is happening to our sons and daughters by having us removed from their lives by their lying so called mothers.

  2. It is very sad. It is very wrong and in my opinion, EVIL!
    Any person that will take such actions against their own children in an attempt to hurt their ex, well, that is beyond just a mean, it is an evil thing to do to a child. Judges and lawyers that profit by such, and promote such to pad their own pocket books, are disgusting!
    Get help with the PA if you can and best of luck to you!

    1. is there any way i can contact you on a case that is going thru the same issues with the same commissioner?

  3. Here is a video of my experience with spousal abuse and parental alienation. I was married to someone who I knew had a high-conflict personality, but I was completely blindsided by what happened during our divorce. I hope others will learn from my experience and will take measures to protect their children before it's too late. Any feedback is appreciated. Thanks.

    Warning, strong language.

  4. Hello,
    I am wanting to get in contact with the writer of this wonderful blog about my concerns/complaints with Swanhart. This is not a spam and i seriously would love to speak with you!
    you can e-mail me at

  5. PA, my Son that was well liked, that loved and played sports, that had a 3.56 GPA when this nightmare started now has fathered a son when he was 15 years old and at 17 years old has been expelled from school. His mother and her sick twisted narcissistic mind full of hatred for me and his step mother..aided by a lying lawyer and sick judge has had his life altered forever. Still, at this point he has to stop blaming others and pick up what is left of his life now, and force himself to change. To become productive and not destructive. His mother has poisoned him against me and perhaps only time and understanding will change that, but he does not have to continue on the downward spiral that he is on now. He has my number, he has his brothers, he has a choice!

  6. Yes, he has a chance, we all have the ability to live our own lives as we see fit.
    He now has a son of his own and is a father now, I hope he doesn't turn out to be everything he has called you, now that he has his own son to raise we'll see what a great job he does with his. You might not look so bad to him anymore, he hasn't even married his son's mother like you did.
    You provided for all your boys and their mother, even after she left you we watched you drive them clear from Yakima back here up to their school when they weren't even in your care that week.
    We all saw the sacrifices you made for your boys, we sure didn't see Linda do anything but make it as hard on you as possible and run her mouth about how awful you were.
    Easy for him and Linda to place all the blame on you even now after all these years isn't it?
    They should step back and look at their own lives instead of focusing on running yours down.
    Frankly, we're sick of hearing her.
    Her performance as a mother at the high school was less than stellar. I don't know how she shows her face around here.

  7. Just wanted to correct myself. He is not expelled, The school dropped the issue because of threats from Linda and the technicality that they did not call and inform her within, I think, one hour of their decision. It seems that she showed up before they had a chance to call and because of her visit, they never made the call like they were required to do. This is my understanding. I hope he makes the best of a second chance.