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Thursday, April 21, 2011

And the Yearly Harassment from Linda Clark continues.

Last year at tax time Linda mistakenly (nice word for lied) claimed Dakota on her tax returns as well as Colton. But the fact is, her attorney wrote the document and it was stated and agreed upon in open court that Linda would claim Colton and I would claim Dakota for tax reasons. This will give Linda the advantage of using the deduction for 3 or 4 years longer than me. OK, that is fine, I did not protest anything or ask for alternating years…But this is not good enough for Linda as she lied last year when claiming Dakota. This year because I over looked the new child support agreement, Linda will get all the child tax credits even though I pay all the support! I have told you all before to never trust a lawyer and yet I make that mistake over and over in this case. Thank goodness I pay more attention to documents in my job, or I would be fired! I think that I just get blind when it comes to my own family court case. I just don't want to deal with it. Anyway, that is always a mistake and will just cost me more time and money again.
Everyone must understand that my ex wife, the boys mother, did lie last year on her federal tax form (claiming that I was late with a support payment. Documents from the WSSR were necessary to to demonstrate to the IRS that my return was truthful)  If you can blatantly lie on a federal income tax form with such disregard and openness, how can anyone question but what she has willing lied to her attorney, to the court, the community and mostly, to her own sons!
She planed her most resent attacks on me while her youngest and most vulnerable son (that is in her custody) struggles in school and his personal life, yet she does nothing to help him!
Any rational and reasonable person would adjust their anger and priorities, in order to help her son.  And yet as it has been shown on this Blog, people with mental disorders cannot see or understand facts that are before them. I know that the BPD is a huge factor her, and that with kids, parental alienation has a over whelming impact on their views, but documented facts cannot be disputed!
I have also became aware that the child protection agency has recently sent Linda some kind of letter. I can only surmise that it has something to do with the exorbitant absents of her youngest son from school and perhaps the issues revolving around a grade point average that has dropped so significantly in such a short time.
It is no wonder that her attacks and harassment toward myself and others, corresponds with her receiving such a letter. This is standard with those who have a disorder. They cannot look inward objectively, they can only attempt to change the focus from themselves to others and do so with outlandish and hateful allegations.

If you are in this same type of viscous circle with your ex wife and can’t understand what is happening to you, you are not alone!

I don’t care about her (the ex wife Linda) I have come to expect this type of stuff from her though. Still, I will not condone it, I will not roll over or bend over, I must…just deal with it. It is my sons, the ones she has always attempted to alienate from me that concerns me. She has been successful in her goal, there is no doubt about that. Still, they are older now and should be able to recall all the stuff she has been said and how I finally had to show them the e-mails in my own defense against her lies. Perhaps I will need to do this again with all my saved court documents. I think they are to the point in their own lives where they must MAN up and acknowledge the facts.

Please say a prayer for us all.



  1. Having dealt with issues of PA for over 22 years, you can hold out for hope, but do not dwell on it. Their mother seems very goal orientated and it looks as though you have been in her sights for many years. It maybe many years, if ever, that your sons will except the deception, their own mistakes and embrace the truth. Celebrate that day if it comes and do not let disappointment tarnish your soul.
    Robert D

  2. Everything For A ReasonApril 22, 2011 at 7:59 AM

    It must be embarrassing to keep posting this personal information about your family on your blog. Do you think your kids really care about reading or learning about "the truth", don't you think they will just keep protecting mommy from your blogging and will keep calling YOU the Liar? This stuff here I'm sure doesn't jive at all with what they've been told about you all of their lives. They've been told all their lives that it's YOU that cheats and LIES on your TAXES!

  3. Dear everything for a reason; I have never been embarrassed about my family. I have been disappointed for sure. I use this Blog to help others through experience. I have never hid from praise on me or my family and likewise, I will not hide or cover up for our problems. It would be embarrassing to me to cover up or not give a complete explanation of events. The truth you can live with, lies and distortion will eat you up. Do I think the kids care? Hmmm, maybe, I can’t say for sure but I care. Not to care is not to love anymore. So if you are a parent, you know that love never changes. I have no control over what gets said, I only have control over the facts and what the truth is. My hope is that the truth really is apparent to them or will become so in time. I do not wish that they resent their mother for her lies and such, that is not helpful and never needs to happen. But, for them to grow into healthy young men with mental fortitude, they must be able to confront un-truths, even when it’s painful to do so. Even if this means to hold their mother while she attacks me (or their step mother) and just tell her that they love her. BUT they need to explain, that they will not believe those things about their father/ex stepmother and ask her to never speak like that in front of them again. That is what my Blog is about and I hope that you and I and others will receive that kind of blessing in the future.
    With God, all things are possible!
    Thanks for your comment

  4. What legal steps can one take to protect an ex husband who is mentally ill from constant harrassment from the ex wife. She has alienated the children from him.

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  6. I know of nothing that can help, benefit or protect an ex-husband from a crazy ex wife. I would suggest taking the links in this blog to other sites such as (shrink 4 men). Perhaps they can give you legal advice. Good luck!