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Friday, April 22, 2011

Mistakes, are they that hard to deal with?

Below is a mailer I get, so you can click on the link and go to their website.
It deals with employees but applies to us all.

Let’s face it. Mistakes occur.  And when they do, there are five basic response options, five different approaches you and your team members can take:
  1. You can ignore it. (The I-Couldn’t-Care-Less Approach)
  2. You can hide it. (The Cover-Up Approach)
  3. You can blame others. (The Deflection Approach)
  4. You can blame circumstances. (The Excuses Approach)
  5. You can admit to it, fix it, and learn from it – accepting any appropriate consequences like an adult.
Care to guess what approach that last one is?  It’s The RESPONSIBLE Approach!
How about "Cowboy up!"

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