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Friday, February 26, 2010

It’s 99% about money!

Many people are now weighting in on this subject and I thank you for your support but, this is not what I’m looking for and this is not what my blog is about. Even though I use my experience and reference the public/documented facts in this blog, this is not about my situation. It is about stopping this from occurring to other families.

My ordeal continues and it’s disturbing to say, may never end because my ex keeps pursuing me. Just last week I filed my income taxes for 2009 just to have them rejected because, I came to find out, that Linda must have claimed both of the children on her income taxes because that credit was no longer available to me. She did the same type of thing to the oldest son when he graduated, years ago. I had him solely in my house. Yet she advised him to claim himself for the whole year on his very small income tax return. She did this the 1st of January that year before I even knew, her only goal was to harm me and my tax position. This points to the issue of money and how important a factor it is with a person like my ex. I make $3,500 a month and pay $1,850 a month in child support to her. (yes, I have to pay my bills on what is left. The reality is that I have to borrow money right now from a friend to make my commitments and hope that I can get a medical loan for my cancer treatment). I received a letter from the Orthodontist that Linda is now refusing to make the monthly payment to finish Colton’s work. So, instead of fighting her over this issue, I paid and will finish paying the bill. Now I’m paying over $2,000 a month in child support for children that will not call me after finding out that I have cancer. I will keep paying until I have nothing left. Please leave me your comments on this; I pay over $2,000 a month to support my kids and Linda takes the tax credit for raising them both…Is Her action justifiable to anyone? I paid over $20,000 last year for my children and the mother takes the tax deductions??? Please, someone defend her actions.

Now, my question is, where does that money go? We all have to agree that spending $900 a month to raise kids is very excessive. So, where does that money go?

It is a documented fact that Linda lost all of the money from our settlement in 2002, 2 houses and 7 cars, having the last house and car foreclosed on and then she filed bankruptcy. This is when the Parental Alienation escalated. The result from that whole nightmare is that the boys have lost a father and have been alienated from their brother, friends and family members.

Again, I will document the events in my life for a reason. Parental Alienation is a national problem and one that needs addressed. We all have innocently engaged in it as some point, to some degree in our lives. But when the intent becomes vile to the point of damaging the other parents relationship with the children, it is EVIL.

There needs to be a national recognition of this problem.

It is the kids that suffer and that will have an impact on our society and nation. It will not be America anymore when our family structure has been destroyed.


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