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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Just a little joke about the court system

It seems many people are reading this blog and I thank you. Thank you for your concern about my health and the future of my sons, it means a lot to me.

Today I just wanted to lighten up, so I hope you enjoy this quick joke. Problem is, it really is not a joke and it’s a reminder of my court experiences. Lies told there are not challenged and it seems this is the focus of a hearing. The judge wants to hear the worst story you can come up with and that is the one that wins. In my case, I didn’t attack my ex wife and I did not lie. I could not believe the lies that were told about me by Linda and her Attorney. Stay tuned and you will see the lies they got away with, all under the penalty of perjury

The judge warned the witness, “Do you understand that you have sworn to tell the truth?” “I do.”
Do you understand what will happen if you are not truthful?”
“Sure,” said the witness. “My side will win.”

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  1. What fortitude and grit you have to keep fighting such a heart-wrenching battle! They don't know it yet, but your boys are so fortunate to have a father who loves them so much. Other fathers with less mettle would have given up.