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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Doctors Comment

The Doctors Comment is below my remarks

It is nice to know that the people who view this blog are a very diverse crowd. Most are victims of PA or a mental disorder in some manner but we also have those like this doctor who are willing to take the time to contribute to the information posted here.
The point of my  blog is that information is the only real way to combat the lies that have been told and drilled into to your children’s minds.
The debate from the good Doctor could be; does the mental illness from a PA practicing parent effect the mental wellness of your children. Or, is it genetic? Look at the practicing parent, does his or her parents suffer from a mental illness? Do they show signs of odd behavior? If so, is it preordained that the children will suffer also?
I maintain that in most cases, we make our own choices. That if your children can get away from the crazy, mentally ill parent, they can grow up with at least a better value structure in life and thus, perhaps, raise and treat their own families better and without the  Parental Alienation that effected their own lives, ruined their childhood and maybe adversely effected their future happiness.
Pray for those children, that their minds and their happiness can be filled, made whole and complete with the love of God.

Dr N PHD has left a new comment on your post "Comment posted":

Yes, unfortunately we do learn from our environment. A great example is the poem “Children Learn What They Live”.
However, this poster is not taking into consideration the evidence which clearly shows that BPD, Bi-Polar, schizophrenia, Anxiety/Panic, Depression and a host of other mental illness is proven to be Genetic so with that said, merely showing the children that their mother is suffering from mental illness simply may not work because a percentage of those same children are going to be suffering from a mental illness also.

Posted by Dr N PHD to Evils Of Parental Alienation at May 4, 2011 6:21 PM

 In my case, the doctors words are interesting as my ex was on medication for years, perhaps still is (or should be) and that other doctors point out that her actions indicate a mental problem. All the court documents point to and suggest that she has an extreme anger problem and without a doubt, (documented) practices Parental Alienation and has for years even while we were still married. I was just to blind and to ignorant of this issue to see it.
Yet the sick and evil part that the court systems plays in all of this, is just as disturbing and disguising

 The love of grandchildren is such a blessing! It helps to fill the deep holes in your heart.

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