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Friday, March 5, 2010

Below is a letter from my oldest son in November of 2009 after finding out about my cancer and situation.
I count my blessings every day for this kind of understanding and love.


Know that i will always love you and that you have been my hero ever since i could remember.

Its too bad things turned out the way they did between everyone, the situation seemed to escalate when i took off and didnt keep the balance anymore. The way it is now is really not fair to anyone involved and i believe you did the right thing in the actions you took and the way you handled yourself in front of the boys.

I will always consider Jan a friend and hope the best for her. Its too bad to see the house up for sale, especially after you and Jan made it so nice. I had a lot of good memories there, but you got to do what you got to do, and your right its probably not much of a home anymore.

I believe i found my best friend in Kaity and have a very optimistic future for us both. I did not know what a big hole i had in my life untill i started dating her and thank God everyday for how things have worked out.

As for you and your situation, you have been the toughest man i have ever met and you are my superman. Im sure you will get through this fine and you will always have my support and prayers.

As far as roping, hunting, and fishing is concerned you know were i live and im always ready to go! : )

Love you and talk to you soon ...



  1. Dear Sir, understand this above all else, God loves you and will protect you if you obey Him.

    Your Son is living proof!

  2. Dear Bruce,

    It is funny how it all works out but the one dishing on you and everyone else will not be able to keep her true colors under wrap. She might be able to bribe the younger kids now, but not for long. Hope you get your house sold and move out of the area.