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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Understanding Parental Alienation with Dr. Major

Grandpa and 2 of the grandboys

Thank YOU! A reader of this blog sent me a new website to view. It has a lot of great information and the video interview with Dr. Major was great! She ansers questions and explains what PAS is and talks about the court system and the type of person that conducts PA.

Please view the video below and visit her website at;

Stop Parental Alienation of Children (SPAC) is a non-profit company that exists under the umbrella of Breakthrough Parenting Services, Inc. We have assembled a team of renowned experts on the subject of parental alienation and a professional production team led by a director who has both excellent creative talents and personal context of our subject matter from which to shape the product. For more information, please contact Dr. Major.

Jayne A. Major, Ph.D., Executive Director

Stop Parental Alienation of Children

Breakthrough Parenting Services, Inc.

12405 Venice Boulevard, #172, Los Angeles, CA 90066 (Map)

Telephone: (310) 823-7846

Fax: (310) 388-0700



  1. PAS is something that's very common in Sweden where it is accepted by the justice system and the social authority's. Fathers gets punished and even sent to jail because of lies from the mothers. I remember a court case where the father was sent to jail because the mother had a diary with all kinds of horribly accusations against the father and he was sent to jail. In court of appeal the truth came out that the mother had fabricated it all and she was NOT punished for destroying a mans life.

  2. Tieton Sports GrandmaApril 13, 2010 at 8:56 AM

    No truer words are spoken when it comes to PA than the recent post quoting Martin Luther King Jr. When a father or mother has been shown and told about the sins of the sons and they do nothing and worse yet even actually deny it even ever happened or existed... they are commiting and condoning the same sins, teaching and giving their children permission and license to lie, steal, spy and comit other unmentionable sins.
    Wake up parents before it's too late with your children. It's the children that are carrying and paying the price of your sins for their upbringing you gave them.
    Sins they will carry so you could be a "buddy" to your sons or be the "good parent who loves them".
    Children do not need Buddys or mommies that tell them they just want what the kids want so they can be the "good parent that loves them", they need parents! Both Parents, Parents who will stick together on discipline, parents who will support the decisions of the other parent, parents who will teach them right from wrong, manners, self discipline, not to lie, not to steal, to respect others privacy and belongings and to treat women with respect and not for some SICK fantasy from being raised watching porn vidoes or R rated FAMILY movie nights.