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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

#2 Is alienation a mental illness or just evil?

My youngest Son Colton on our last hunting trip togethere, just over a year ago.

Not much time today to work on this so just look at the information about Bipolar disorder, how Linda’s actions appear, and an old e-mail. Tell me, is it a mental illness?

Even 5 years ago you can see the hate, the rage and the anger in her tone. There is nothing in that e-mail that would benefit the boys, it’s all about my ex wife and a need to stay in contact with me, to show me how she is in control and to (put me in my place).

From: []

Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2005 6:18 PM


Subject: Re: Hi

I won't reply to your bull crap, you definately don't have the hole truth.[Bruce Clark] It’s always hard to get the whole truth Kaleb did his Scince project here and it turned out bad he said he'd redo it. [Bruce Clark] He did, here, Sunday night You are wrong about bed times etc. [Bruce Clark] Not according to what the boys say Josh is your b line to you and hates Sierra and will tell you anything. [Bruce Clark] I said he does not like her Whatever....... I will pick the boys up at 5:00...Sunday.[Bruce Clark] That is your choice I'm not trying to scare you ha ha, [Bruce Clark] You don’t, never said you did You are no longer in control and you can't stand it............... [Bruce Clark] at times I feel very sorry for you, I’m sorry you can’t see thing for what they are. You are thinking of Linda and not the boys when you say something like you just did. Those will get theirs all in the end...............Again I will pick the boys up Sunday at 5:00 [Bruce Clark] I understand that, it’s fine with me Please have them ready[Bruce Clark] They always are...............Don't make me feel guilty about cutting their hunting short..............[Bruce Clark] I won’t, only you can do that, your decision on what you think is right or best for the boys at that time.

Signs and symptoms of bipolar disorder;

In the manic phase of bipolar disorder, feelings of heightened energy, creativity, and euphoria are common. People experiencing a manic episode often talk a mile a minute, sleep very little, and are hyperactive. They may also feel like they’re all-powerful, invincible, or destined for greatness.

But while mania feels good at first, it has a tendency to spiral out of control. People often behave recklessly during a manic episode: gambling away savings, (Linda lost all her money this way) engaging in inappropriate sexual activity, (It is no secret that she was dating many men at the same time) or making foolish business investments, for example. They may also become angry, irritable, and aggressive–picking fights, lashing out when others don’t go along with their plans, and blaming anyone who criticizes their behavior. (This was focused  on the boys and myself and documented) Some people even become delusional or start hearing voices.


  1. Carrying On in S. C.January 27, 2010 at 10:55 PM

    Only a mentally ill evil woman would deprive her own sons of their father! There is a special place in HELL for women like her and my x-wife. I feel for you buddy!
    Your sons sure looked like they were enjoying doing things with their dad to me, just like my boys did until I remarried, then it was all down hill from there.
    Like I was supposed to stay single for the rest of my life because she ran off with another guy?
    I was the one who went to work every day while she sat of her fat a** smoking and eating bags of potato chips! I'm still paying for her and a son who won't even speak to me now.
    Sue Em! Sue them all! Write new law! Stop these insane EVIL women from ruining our lives!

  2. I understand what you are saying and you are correct. Money is the only way to limit this kind of behavior because money, for the most part is all they are interested in.
    In fact, there are cases where the ex has indeed sued and won. If this was a larger practice, I think as you do, it would stop much of this type of abuse. Sadly, and it’s no secret, women that are divorced do band together at lunch (ex wives club) or over the phone and tell stories of how to (get) that rotten son of a buck ex husband of theirs. There has never been any recourse for the men falsely accused by vindictive ex wives or consequences for women that falsely accuse men solely for financial gain or court advantage. At some point, this must change and as much as I dislike the court system, evolving attorneys and fighting fire with fire is the only way I see things changing. I for one plan to continue this until justice is obtained and with luck, new law written that helps prevent this out of control abuse of men by their ex wives. It will not make a difference in your case or mine with my boys but perhaps it will prevent other families from being destroyed by a crazy ex wife.

  3. We send only our very special good will and wishes for better health and better days ahead. Someday, Bruce your boys will see the truth, someday! Keep the faith

  4. Thank you for the kind note. With God I know better days are ahead. He has brought me to this place in my life for a reason. My faith and relationship with him is stronger than ever and that is a blessing

  5. My heart goes out to you.....however I can reasure you that your ex is doing herself in with her rubbish. because as your children grow they will resent their mother for not thinking of them first & using them just to get money & they will also not like the fact they where lied to & kept away from a parent who loves them. your children will not be able to trust their mother in the end & that is really sad. you just hang in there & look after yourself real well cause your kids are going to need a strong father for them soon to fill many roles for them, as the other parent they wont be able to count on. when they grow & see the truth & it will happen, children do grow & think for themselves.