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Monday, January 25, 2010

Is alienation a mental illness or just evil?

This is very serious!
Many Doctors are claiming that parental alienation is a mental illness while others claim it’s a personality disorder that can be attributed to childhood experiences and upbringing.

Is it Evil? Well sure it is. Even if it’s a real illness the result can best described as wicked in its intent. You could argue that most times this aggressive behavior is brought on by jealousy, resentment or just plain old greed because the alienator is looking for a financial reward for his or her conduct.

In my case it is all those and perhaps some more. I will document from court declarations and verbal transcripts that my ex wife Linda, has shown all the classic symptoms. This is not just my opinion but that of the court investigator Christina Eldridge that interviewed Linda, myself, the two children and investigated this case. She was the one that pointed out the fact that during her investigation, Linda pulled a gun on her boyfriend’s wife while they were together. Ms Eldridge was the one that concluded that Linda should have a full mental evaluation. She was the one that reported Linda was more interested in her financial situation then with the boys welfare. She was the one that recommended to the court that Dr. Newell be allowed to give a full report and that withholding such information could be damaging to the boys.

It was the Doctor of Forensic and Clinical Psychology that reported this was the worst case of parental alienation that he has ever seen. It was the Doctor that said Linda has an extreme anger problem. It was the Doctor who said Linda would need to have a full mental evaluation.

Linda has continually lied to members of the community in an effort to gain the moral ground (by telling running me down and telling lies) in this conflict but by doing so has made her agenda very apparent to all. If there is any question about the facts of her lies, I will bring them all out in the open here on this blog. I welcome anyones comment.

This all started a long time ago, perhaps it came to light shortly after the marriage (months) when we had problems and in front of my brother and his wife Linda stated “I only did that stuff because you liked it”. This was in a discussion about why she didn’t do the things with me that she did before we were married. (When I watched the movie runaway bride many years later, the movie took on a whole new meaning for me)

Linda was dishonest from the very beginning of our relationship, it really is no wonder that it continued and even grew in later years.

Below is an email from her and my response about issues with the boys while we shared custody. This type of thing went on daily and I know now that I was guilty of adding fuel to the fire because you cannot explain things to a person like this. It’s the number one (no, no) when dealing with them. They crave engagement, they need to keep you in contact with them, they have a need to pull your chain so you don’t forget about them. This is in all the books. DON’T TRY TO CONVINCE THEM OF WHAT THEY ARE DOING.

From: []

Sent: Sunday, October 09, 2005 9:13 PM


Subject: Re: Boys

You know what I don't have a reply to you because you think your always right and are never wrong at anythng thay you do ever..[Bruce Clark] I try my best to think about what I do and to make the best decision I can, based on what is best for the boys...............................Colton ate breakfast at your house because he said dad said he could if he wanted too.[Bruce Clark] That is fine with me. You were the one that said they always eat breakfast at your house, I just pointed out that your statement was wrong Your a tight sob.[Bruce Clark] Letting Colton eat breakfast here when it’s your week makes me a “tight sob”? I never said anything about it until you said, you make sure they are fed and ready for school every day don't worry things will work out regardless because someday it'll come down to someone elses decision, not yours or mine.[Bruce Clark] for the boys sake, I hope you are wrong As far as you know I attend church, [Bruce Clark] No, as far as I know you do not and have not since you quit going with me. You make a point of letting everyone know that on the weekends you don’t have the boys, you don’t just stay at home. I have asked the boys if you take them when they are with you, you haven’t. If you don’t take them I find it hard to believe you would go by yourself when they are not with you. Perhaps you will rethink this and take them in the future, at least Sunday school for them and remember many many years who took the kids to church it sure in the heck wasn't you Mr. Bruce Clark[Bruce Clark] Yes it was, you never went or took the boys to church without me, I don’t know why you would say other wise.... Think about it[Bruce Clark] I have and I do, for the boys sake, I wish you could see things more clearly and not with an agenda that twists memories to fit how you now feel.

Do you see how it starts to look?
Do you see that even then she is thinking about court and how to set this up?
Do you see how she is placeing herslf as the "good parent" and me as cheap and uncaring?
Do you hear the anger?

Do you see how it starts?

By the way, yes, that is Jan with the boys on vacation. She was very good and caring to the boys, They like her and this really set Linda off. More later...

For me, Parental alienation is evil beyond words and I hope to make a change in the way courts address this issue before I die.


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  1. I know your family and I'm very sorry for you all. I will follow your blog and I know others that are wanting to hear your side. I hear your moving, sorry about that but good luck to you!