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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Letter from a child

Divorce is rotten thing, work it out. 

For Gods sake what ever you do, keep the kids out of your arguments and do not use them as a tool to hurt your spouse. All that really does is hurt the child and he or she should be your main concern...think about it.

Save the kids from your fight!


  1. It's the worst for the kids, why can't their real mother see that? No! Mothers can not do a better job of raising kids alone. Just read the statistics wo-man, just read the statistics!

  2. Women seem to be the ones that use their kids as a way to hurt dad.
    Yes, it hurts dad and grandparents but it is devastating for the growth of children.

  3. And here I am, a mom, who hasn't seen her daughter in 15 months. After her dad moved out (which we both wanted) he hit me twice. The only two times ever in 24 years and we were over, but the courts decided I made it up. I did get an order of protection and, surprisingly, they had one against him and out daughter. When my daughter was ready to see him again, I made it happen. She watched him hit me.

    When his live-in lover hit him in front of our daughter, I got temp phys custody again. And I never kept them apart.

    My soon-to-be-ex cries to our daughter that he can't live without her. She believes him because I supported us her entire life.

    So really? Is It mostly the mom? Maybe because our courts accept the fallacy that two parents can't raise a child together and shouldn't be held to it. Our courts, instead of pushing joint custody push for single parent custody and thereby create a greater fight. The courts are sick. The parents are human.

    We should be held to it.

    We can go on blaming our spouses for the Alienation, but I blame the courts. My husband has never changed. How can I blame him? But the courts allowing a 12-year-old brainwashed child to decide not to see a parent is simply appalling.

    All of us should be working together to get over the ex's and move into parenting. And we should be forcing the courts to change. It's a decrepit system that is full of bribes and abuse of power.