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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Family court needs a over haul in the USA


The movement for Shared Parenting continues to gain momentum around the world. We are seeing more public commentary on the destructive effects of current laws and policies and an ever increasing awareness of inequities between mothers and fathers when it comes to their children. In this newsletter we bring you two articles and the text of a speech by England’s top family court jurist. Also included are preliminary results from a sampling of family law cases in Tennessee and a request for your stories for consideration in an upcoming book about the family courts.

Articles and Speech

Over the past 10 days several pieces of note have been published regarding shared parenting, roles of the court, and government’s role in undermining family stability.

Dr. Stephen Baskerville, author of ‘Taken Into Custody’ and former ACFC President, was quoted extensively in this article from The Philadelphia Bulletin yesterday. The article title; “No-fault Divorce Greater Threat to Marriage Than Gay Marriage” is a bit off the mark. Baskerville’s primary point is that government policies and resulting statutes and programming are themselves the source of society’s family breakdown problems. In inimitable Baskerville style he goes on to ‘connects the dots.’ While Baskerville chides conservatives for not properly understanding the underlying issues his message is one people of all persuasions should hear.

National Post columnist Barbara Kay is a long time friend of fathers and critic of Canada’s family law system. In an article last week she once again makes the case for shared parenting. The National Post is one of Canada’s top ten newspapers with a circulation of just under one million. At the link you will also find additional Barbara Kay writings on misandry (man-hating) and feminism.

Keep coming to this blog and I will keep giving you new information.

I will document the resulting problems with our family court in my personal case and the destructive outcome of out of control lawyers and Judges on our children.

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  1. Swim against the tide and fight for all you are worth in your case but remember...happiness is an essential part of a life well lived.
    Smile and be happy my friend and thank you for your efforts

  2. It is error alone which needs the support of government. Truth can stand by itself.
    Thomas Jefferson