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Friday, May 21, 2010

We don't "drug" our kids enough!

I just had to put this head line in for my crazy ex who has submitted this blog site to the court in my ongoing court appearances. (sometimes I think she just misses me and court is the only time she gets to see my shining face) (she even wrote in her declaration that I look healthy and don't have cancer!) She considers herself above the law and who knows after the system refused to enforce 2 court orders, refused to hear the court investigators report, refused to hear the Dr. of Forensic and Clinical Psychology and after she just recently thumbed her nose at a court subpoena by not appearing...maybe she is above the law? Or perhaps the law, enforcement of and the judges that rule on the law, is the problem?

Hmmm, we will visit that issue in depth very soon and with the addition of a video feed... This blog will become even more interesting.

Anyway, you all have a great weekend and I will give you updates and not so much advice as I enter yet one more phase of the Clark vs Clark ordeal in Yakima County WA.

See below about how good drugs can be for kids!

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  1. I believe that all victims of PAS have different experiences and views into this terrible problem that is destroying so many families and making family court lawyers rich. I would like to know your idea and your readers opinion as to child support. Money seems to be a reward and incentive for the alienation. Should child support payments be limited to what the state provides (pays a foster parent) to a foster child home?
    Are family court attorneys a part of the problem?
    How does the court system need to change to address the issue of PAS?