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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Stop with the Stalking

Linda, it has been 10 years, stop with the stalking. You got want you wanted, you got the money and you turned the boys against me. Jan and I are divorced; it does you no good to e-mail her your little questions about dogs and stuff. 10 years is long enough, let it go. I do not know where you live and can’t even send a B day card to my son…what more do you want? Yes I saw you taking photos of Jan and I at Josh’s wedding, I can date, see and live with whoever I wish, get a life of your own and stop the stalking.
There are stalking and harassment laws, the documentation is there…stop before you let your mental condition ruin the remainder of your life. Seek help.


  1. Congratulations on being Grandparents! Fine job there Linda, your 16 year old son is flunking out of school, doesn't have a job and his live-in girlfriend you've allowed to live there under your roof all year just gave birth to your first grandson.

  2. No time for home work, no time for school, no time for responsibility, no time for self discipline, no time for parenting and no time to teach or embrace the right from the wrong...but plenty of time to continue the hate filled attempts of entrapment.
    What does this say about those efforts?
    Are the priorities misconstrued or fanatical?
    Perhaps only the court ordered shrink knows for sure.

    I was going to go into an orientation about how a parent should be spending their time (because much time and effort is spent by Linda sending e-mails with fake names and inquires, time wasted stalking websites and time wasted with hate filled speech about me to anyone who will listen to her attacks) but it would only fall on deft ears.

    Your actions only validate what has been documented by those ordered to investigate and report. (those reports are public and those facts posted on this site)

    Sorry for those of you who find this post hard to follow, I know the IP addresses and who was looking at the sites. Making comments and why. Enough said.

  3. To Monroe CA.... Crazy is as Crazy does, and you sure enough talks CRAZY!
    I can't follow your comments at all? One minute your talking about how your a mental health worker, then how the dad must still love you? (what planet do you live on???), then you say how the dad couldn't make his current marriage work (of course because he must still be in love with your psycho a**), then you say that your son your raising is a failure at school because his dad neglected him (doesn't have anything to do with the mental health worker failing as a mother), then dads happily married to his 2nd wife and not divorced???,then you go onto the really crazy statement about Ruby Ridge and Waco Tx and the whole Christian "God" content?

  4. Wow. Reading about women like this makes me embarrassed for my gender.