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Saturday, March 12, 2011

How to legally destroy a child and family. Lani-Kai Swanhart

You need to start with a commissioner that has the opinion that all men are abusive, women beaters and child molesters. Then add a documented liar of an Attorney Blain Connaughton. More about him later.

Lani-Kai Swanhart of the Yakima county family court system in Yakima Washington is as bad as they come. If you get in front of her, may God help you because there are no winners in her court, only losers.
Rule 1. Do not show up with a cowboy hat in your hand and a clean appearance. This seems to upset her.
Rule 2. Do not show up married to a very physically attractive woman. This also upset her, perhaps she suffers from a less then high regard of herself appearance.
Rule 3. Do not show up if your ex-wife is still un married or is accompanied by a female friend. Swanhart seems to want the approval of other less than attractive females.
The most important rule? If your situation is similar to the one above, file a complaint at your 1st appearance and hope your case gets transferred. You cannot win in her court no matter what your attorney says. You will lose and your children will suffer from her rulings. GET OUT OF HER COURT!
My battle with this commissioner is over. Yes it was a battle, she stole my two young sons from me. She would not consider or allow to be heard, evidence that was contrary to herself imposed view. Documentation from officials, doctors and school board members was dismissed because it went against her preconceived notions. All the documentation was there then and is posted on this blog many times. The result of this case destroyed a family, 4 sons, 4 brothers and 1 loving father who developed cancer, caused by the stress of trying to defend his sons childhood and lives. Destroyed the relationship between brothers. Destroyed a father son relationship in two cases and destroyed a young man’s childhood youth and  future. Before this abomination made her ruling, my youngest son was happy, well liked by others, respectful, a joy to be around and good in school. 3.56 gpa before Swanhart stole him from me. Now 2 years later he is failing in school, his attendance is a major issue and reports are being sent that his is unruly and disrespectful nature in class is jeopardizing his education. He will not even speak to his old friends because they are my friends. All these actions would be an apparent consequence by anyone who knew his mother. The statements and evidence was there for Swanhart. Linda Clarks actions in her court room (see areas of this site) were just a precursor to what she would teach her children. That is no respect, no rules, no discipline, no consequences and teach hate towards a father who instructed them in such things.
Why this Swanhart is allowed her position is beyond me.
One day she will be judged and only then it seems will there be a reckoning for her.


  1. I agree with this. I had the same impression from Commisioner Lani-Kai Swanhart prior to reading this blog. I seriously believe something must be done about how she presides in court and her ruling should be scrutized. The commisioner needs to be put under review and everything she says or does in a court of law needs to be questioned.

  2. I am adding an update to this whole mess. But, Swanhart needs fired. Seen a letter to the county and to the state commission. If they get enough complains...maybe there will be a change!

  3. I am so sorry to hear your story. I truly feel your pain. It was bad enough for me to be married to an abusive man for 18 years but it truly got worse when I went before Comm Swanhart and lost custody. I can barely write about how much pain she has caused me and it has been nearly six years ago. Be comforted that you are not alone and her day of reckoning will come. I am anonymous because my vindictive ex still drags me before her and I truly fear her.