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Monday, July 5, 2010

Yakima WA family court system

Many people have wondered how such a thing could happen to me. To them, as it was to me…the whole concept of the allegations and court decision is inconceivable to them.

Below is from the court forum website and is the grading and comments on the commissioner that ruled in my case.

Take a look and fully understand that with a mother crying about abuse and threats, how the court can just ignore the evidence, Swanhart had a predisposed judgment in my case (perhaps she did not like my cowboy appearance) and it was clear to all the attorneys present in the court room. I have been there many times and many times, attorneys have spoken to me about my case and my chances of making a change in Swanhart court room.

Read below and understand;

24 complaints have recently been made against this commissioner Lani-Kai Swanhart and are available at the court forum site. 17 times they not only completed the survey of this commissioner but also left the comments below from attorneys, witness, staff members and litigants;

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

This Commissioner is completely clueless. I watched her now for a few years, and the best interest of children somehow always is never taken into consideration, and by the way she ruled, she was probably a less than adequate parent. This commissioner appears to lack any understanding of running a business, and therefore, she makes a complete idiot of herself on the bench. She has a strong biased towards men. She should not be on the bench, as her personal past, gets in the way of her ruling fairly. I give her a failing grade.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

This commissioner, was extremely biased towards me. Because of her lack of knowledge, she took the easy way out....This commissioner should not hold the position she does. Clearly, she also does not like the male figures, that have gone in front of her....I have sat in her court room several times and watched her, put the screws to men, time, and time again.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Commissioner Swanhart makes decisions with broad brushes and fails to understand or be able to cope with the complex dynamics involved in family law proceedings. She make rushed decisions, misunderstanding things and placing them in inappropriate categories and then doesn't want to hear things that do not fit into the model of the situation she has constructed. It is as if she is saying, "Don't bug me with facts, I have made up my mind." I also do not appreciate the way she treats people in general. She treats people as if she is an aristocrat and everyone before her, especially small and confused people, with little to no respect. In some instances, this is exemplified by pointless and cutting remarks directed at poor, misfortunate, people in an emotionally charged situation they are having difficulty understanding. Commissioner Swanhart is a fairly intelligent person, it is too bad she stoops to these cheap shots at people before her. In my opinion, she is burned out and has outlived her utility as a Commissioner and should move on.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

I have been in Commissioner Swanharts court room for many months now and have observed her rulings on issues that goes against evidence that was presented before her. It is personally appalling to me to see the court system abused in this manner. Many times she shows a pre conceived notion and bias towards and in favor of women. I have seen documents submitted for her review ignored in her decisions. I have witnessed a tongue lashing of a man accused of abusing his children and custody completely changed based on an interview of alienated children without any attempt by her court to investigate the allegations. In this case where the children were ordered into counseling with a Dr. and the mother refused and indeed violated 3 court orders for the mother to take the boys to treatment, Commissioner Swanhart did not find the mother in contempt. Commissioner Swanhart ordered for the mother to again seek treatment for the children with the Dr. and then, put situations on the Dr. and how he could conduct his sessions in his private practice. This was to appease the mother that did not want the Doctors finds or report to be submitted to the court. For commissioner Swanhart to limit a Doctors standard means of treatment after she ordered the children into treatment with him is outrageous behavior from a court commissioner. It seems that the input from a professional in child psychology is not permitted in her court room. Commissioner Swanhart shows no regard towards men, evidence or their side of any story. Indeed, she limits that input and refuses to rule in an unbiased and professional manner. Commissioner Swanhart is one of the reasons that common citizens have a deep mistrust of our court system.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

In this family case with extensive domestic violence and evidence to support it, Commissioner Swanhart found the mother in contempt for revealing the social workers, counselors, GALs, and other "friends of the court" were unethical, unprofessional, and noncompliant of court orders. It is a matter of litigants "keeping your mouth shut" when it comes to revealing the corruption running rampant in Yakima County Superior Court. Constitutional Due Process is something that she regularly ignores. The best interests of the children is a standard that she regularly ignores and, contrary to other postings, she is not biased just toward men. If a woman steps over the commissioner's line, she throws the gavel at her as readily as she would a man and will threaten with loss of custody if someone has the gumption to reveal the corruption of the courts to anyone.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Irresponsible, unparctical, and above all, biased, towards men in her court room. Swanharts, constant doodling, and unpleaseant personality, brings great concern to our Yakima county, Judicial system. Quite frankly, it is time for this commisioner, to step down, and seek, other employment.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Lani Kia Swanhart...I have been in this game for years, and it is always an unpleasant part of my day, to enter your court room. I would ask you to start reviewing the audios, of your bench time. I use a hearing device, that easily picks up everything you are saying, when you are on the bench. Your quiet, little conversations with these attorneys, is improper, and most of disgusting! Yakima county's SR judge should remove you, immediately. Your past, has clearly haunted you, over, and over. People ( men ), should not have to suffer, due to the infidelity, surrounding your personal life. You are washed up, your appearance is less than professional, as are your biased rulings.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Where do I begin!! I went with a friend that was going infront of this Judge....I got an eye opener that day!!! I must say, this Swanhart Judge is a poor excuse for our legal system....she is with out a doubt, a man hater, incompitent, and just a flat out poor excuse for a human being. I have heard stories of our Judges here in Yakima county, but I had no idea, it was this bad. I can say one thing is for sure, if Swanhart acted like that out in the real business world, she would be holding a sign, like the people on the street corners. As I watched people go infront of Swanhart this day, I felt such sorrow, for the familys that this Judge was affecting.....Two things come to mind, either this Judges childhood was severly scorned, or her adult life, has been riddled with failure. The sight of her turns my stomach now, as I know how wicked, and evil she is. I give her an F!!!!

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Yakima Counties Sr. Judge, needs to look into the practices of this Commissioner. Her blatant disregard for fairness, is overshadowed by her extreme biased behavior towards the male figure. Her rulings are, impractical, and are very damaging to family's involved, especially children. This Commissioner, undoubtedly, needs to be reviewed by the Judicial review board.In the future, I will avoid this Commissioner, as much as possible. I have given Commissioner Swanhart, a failing grade.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

I appeared before this commissioner recently. Not only was she overloaded, she was quite annoying, to say the least. Her draconian behavior, and oversight of facts, are all to familiar, to the pompous attitude of Yakima county courts. I have failed this commissioner, and enough, is enough, to say the least!!

Made by: Staff/Personnel This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Words cannot properly describe the arrogance, of this Females disposition.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

The games this commissioner likes to play with peoples lives. Every time I am around her, she makes me sick!!!

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Inconsistent, up and down, this commissioner is all over the place! Speaks down at you, has a negative outlook towards men, and was completely biased...Swanhart, you have made a mess of my kids life!!

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

I had heard allot of negative things about this commisioner over the past 6 months, but had not been infront oif her, untill a while back. Saddly everything I had heard, is true. I witnessed parents loosing parental rights, one after the other, in simple divorce cases.....I have come to understand that ccommisioners are basically hired/appointed by our Supior court Judges. November 2012, could be a chance to bring

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

She is an embarrassment and an example of all that is wrong with the court system! I appeared before and she not only did she not read the information in my case, she did not even have my file! In her own words, in her court, in front of everyone she stated “I don’t have the file but in this case I don’t think I need it.” This is a court? This is judgment made on information before her? I don’t think so. She has made her decision before reviewing the case. Unbelievable! Get her out!

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

Well, this idiot gave me a contempt and totally does not seem to understand what the true meaning of contempt is. She is sexist and rascist against Fathers. Definantely helps her county/state make money off of father's who are made into slaves of the system. Its time for men to step up and overthrow a crooked and corrupt system of slavery.

This respondent did not approve of this judge. Comments made by respondent:

This commissioner has to go. Yakima and the family court system would be much better off without a court, then with this commissioner destroying families and lives. After having to set and listen to her belittle the men she has contact with, I found myself sick, sick in my stomach for those men that are having her biased rulings rammed down their throats while their male attorneys just feed them to this female wolf. I understand the attorneys not wanting to be on the bad side of this commissioner but how in the world can they let this injustice continue? Is the revolving money door that important? The last time I was in this court, this sad excuse for a judge was totally out of control on the very 1st case. The attorney was stating his case when Swanhart interrupted him and said his client had a credibility problem. This caught the attorney off guard and you could hear him say “What”. Swanhart responded with a smirk laugh “what, am I mumbling today?” This is outrageous and yet knowing the man she was accusing, made this totally unbelievable. I myself sat down at the court computer and went through that whole case. This commissioner Swanhart is totally off base on the whole case. No reasonable person could look at the documentation and come to the same conclusion as she stated at the hearing. IT IS VERY CLEAR THAT SHE HAS A PERSONAL VENDETTA AGAINST THIS MAN AND PERHAPS MEN IN GENERAL. If she was elected, we could vote her out. As it stands, she needs fired as an out of control employee!

Do you understand now how the courts can aid in PA and destroy a family?

If you don't get anything else from this blog, understand court has nothing to do with fairness or what is right!



  1. Saw your blog and I feel very sorry for you. I totally understand about the court system. I had a woman judge hammer me because of what my ex wife had said about me, even though she was the only one makes those charges! Everyone else, many statements from people who knew us both and her whoring ways, supported me having the kids. But the judge said I the charges were very disturbing in her words and that I worked to much to care for my kids even if my ex was wrong. The courts just kill dads!

  2. “So let us come boldly to the throne of our gracious God. There we will receive His mercy, and we will find grace to help us when we need it most.” (Hebrews 4:16, NLT)

    Christ Jesus understands our weaknesses. He was tested in all of the same ways we are tested, yet He never sinned! Whatever troubles you are experiencing today, take them to the Lord in prayer; receive His mercy and experience the grace that only He can offer! Have a grace-filled Wednesday!

    "Working for Christ,

  3. I am very upset! I thought, in this country, you wouldn't have to necessarily fight to spend time with your own child!

    This struggle, is a product of a probate system that tilts physical custody of children to the mothers. As a result, my state is championing a pending House bill that would begin each custody case with a presumption that fathers and mothers are entitled to equal amounts of time with their children.

  4. This is terribly misguided. Abuse is less likely to occur when both parents are involved in the kids' lives, as opposed to when dad (or mom) is excluded. And since most child abuse and parental murder of children is committed by moms, not dads, there's no basis for claiming the sole custody to mom norm protects children from abuse.

  5. So sorry to hear your story - so happy to see you share the information about Comm. Swanhart. I have had nothing but horrid, horrid experiences in her court. She has, time and time again, ignored filed documents in favor of whatever agenda she has at that moment.

    Best of luck to you - and again, thank you for sharing. The more information that is shared, the more likely she is to have attention brought to her court room.

  6. Stay strong and karma will for sure bite her in the ass. Most important remember the stress. I know it has to be really hard right now but you have to take care of yourself. I know it has to be hard on the kids but they know and love there dad and they will be just fine. It's to bad there are sooo many people like her but yes there is. Take care prayers are with ya.

  7. Swanhart is going the opposite and ruling for the men. She must think that makes her past decisions ok.

    Anyone know a great shark attorney in the valley? SOmeone besides David Hazel?

  8. Sorry to hear that you are in her court. She just needs replaced. Problem is who would replace her? It is the system that needs a complete over haul. As long as the courts make money from family problems, there will always be a Swanhart.
    As far as attorneys, same problem…money. This is business for them, product in, product out. Billing hours is what is important to them, not the client. I did get to speak with several and they all come across as very caring. In my case, I honestly think they felt sorry for me. Pick one that will work with you personally and not through their para legal. You need to make sure they work for you up front. They do not like this, sadly they do not want you involved in the (your own) case. They have their standard procedure and that is you pay and they play.
    Good luck!

  9. OMG! How do I get my son's case out of her court? This is a nightmare for him. He has not seen his son in 2 months because of this Judge Swanhart! What an EVILEVILEVIL BITCH!

  10. Sorry this is late.
    I can’t give any legal advice but if you have an attorney, consult with him or her and try to get in front of anyone but commissioner Swanhart!
    You can always go the judicial review board (on line) and or send a complaint to the chief Judge in Yakima.
    Swanhart is one of the big reasons for this blog. She stole my sons futures. Stole it and destroyed a family with a stroke of a pin, without any professional input or beforehand investigation before doing so. Then she proceeded to interfere and prevent any evidence that would counter her wrongful ruling.
    What a hack and she is still there, still helping to wreck other families.
    Yes, the best thing you can do is send in those two complaints. People must stand up to this abuse of the court system by Swanhart.

    1. How can I contact you? I am not standing down any longer I am getting ready to go to the New with my story?

    2. I am doing the same thing I would like to share stories and I have the news contact ready to go.

    3. I am going to the press with my story too. I have run out of option. My declarations are not read my motions not heard and now I don't even receive documentation including summons and orders yet my contact information has not changed. My dissolution is going on year four. My wife has abused our son and wrote it in her own sworn statement. He is now almost 15 years old and repeatedly runs away from her yet she has full permanent custody, sole decision making and I was not even giving any sort of visitation. He has said right to Swanhart he would like to live with me and has told her of some of the abuse his mother has done to him. His mother just makes up complete lies about me with nothing to prove it. I spend all of my time and resources to prove what she says is not true, but nobody reviews any of it and I'm never allowed to speak in court. How is this happening? Every time my wife gets away with this she becomes more bold and makes up even bigger lies. I have tried to point out the fact that she contradicts herself in almost every sworn statement, but am not heard.
      Currently I'm in a hotel room writing this because there has now been a restraining order to keep me away from my son and warrant issued for my arrest even though I have no criminal record or history of violence of any kind. The last time he ran away she said I took him and won't return him. I don't even know where he is. She asked for support after he ran and the judge input some outrageous figure for my net pay. I wasn't even informed of the court date or provided any documentation until it had been heard. Even then I only received the order. It say I owe like $20,000 at 11% interest. Is any of this legal? I live out of state and have had a motion of sort filed against me about every four to six weeks going on year four. She asked for the divorce. I agreed. Why isn't it ended already. My son is missing, I am broke, I have a restraining order against me, owe $20,000 plus interest, a warrant for my arrest, no visitation, she kept everything and I do not know why this is allowed to happen. I'm not sure what was said to obtain the warrant, but even being out of state police came to my home to arrest me and take me to Yakima. Lucky I heard them coming and ran leaving my roommate to deal with them. I have never had involvement with police before. I just new I had to get away to tell this story and try to find my son. He and I are both in impossible situations because of the Yakima court system. He is not in school, scared to return to his mother and now not allowed to come to me. I'm in the same boat. Something has to happen any suggestions welcomed. I have a contact in network news that I am going to share my story with when possible.
      Thanks for reading my story. Good luck to all.

  11. I remember my world had just been torn apart as my abusive, manipulative husband was awarded custody of our three children. I stood near the door of the courtroom crying hysterically with my lawyer as Comm Swanhart breezed by exiting the courtroom.Ours was the last case heard so the room was empty, and she had taken her robe off and decided to exit where I could see her not behind the bench. She held her head high as she walked by me, a self satisfying smirk on her face, obviously enjoying my pain.

  12. PART I:
    It has been less than a week since I was in court telephonically with Swanhart on the bench. This time it was a child support modification. I guess my case goes against the grain here, I am an alienated mother of my children for now almost three years. She actually laughed at me and belittled me publicly. She had obviously not read any of the paper submitted except my ex-husband. Bartheld and schwartz represented my ex and completely tore me a new one with lies and belittlement too.
    She actually was laughing at me along with the other parties attorney.
    Here is a little insight to my case:In 2005 I was at the end of my wits and had a mental break down after years and years of mental, physical, emotional abuse followed by adultery to top it off. After calling the Selah police several times for help and no help delivered except taking the other party to Comprehensive Mental for an evaluation. I tried to end my life. While I was in the ICU in a Yakima hospital my now ex-husband filed for divorce and file a restraining order against me so I could not see my children, with the help of his dad's funding. Since then I have been completely ignored by this corrupt commissioner. My ex-husband chose the GAL and paid fully for the GAL which ended up falsifying her credentials to CPS and Commissioner Swanhart.
    Swanhart over looked it and stud up for the GAL in open court.
    I was forced to jump through hoops that she knew were impossible to jump through to be able to see my children. During the divorce proceedings she completely looked over the actual evidence and ignored the laws. My ex-husband broke the protection order put into place by the courts even brandishing a fire arm after stalking me to my new residence. There were five witnesses including a postal worker and he was never arrested and in the end was actually given back his guns. My home was broke into and I was badly beaten on my face and upper body but it was all over looked. I moved into my Pastor and his wife's house and my ex broke the protection order again at their home and was only cited not arrested for breaking the protection order. This to was completely ignored by Swanhart.
    During our marriage he caused me great bodily harm including the end result being me having a miscarriage and even admitted to it but it was also over looked. Finally after paying to see my children with a superviser present for months. I was finally able to see my children and even have them over every other weekend….See PART II

  13. PART II:
    My ex-husband mellowed out for a short period of time when he got remarried and had two more children. But when I got remarried all of the stocking and abuse started again.
    When my 13 year old boy did not like that I had taken his motorcycle away for him for wrapping a jump rope around my 6 year olds neck and draging her behind him, killing all our koi in our fish pond and punching his 10 year old sister in the face. His father told him to got to his counselor at school and tell her his made up store about a supposed fight between me and my now husband.
    The next visitation the children were to be at my house for the first week of summer 2009 by the second day I found a secret cell phone my ex-husband had given my son so he could call him and tell him what was going on in my home while they were there. I took the phone away from my son and my ex called the local law enforcement to do a well child check on the children. They did and he didn't like the results so him and his father called a harassed them until they came back to check on the children again. My son was honest with the Sheriff's Deputy once again and then they left again. Again my ex-husband was not satisfied with the results. The next day while the children, my current husband were out my ex-husband broke into my house let our puppy out of her kennel and outside. Our puppy was running around the front yard so my husband told us to stay in the car and he went to check things out and get the phone with in seconds the phone rang and it was my ex-husband calling. He called at least three times from many different number. The next day I got a protection order against him and tried with all my heart to not let the situation effect the children while they were with me. On Friday, June 19, 2009 I received a call from the Sheriff's Department from the county where my ex and I did operation kid swap. They were asking why I did not show up to drop the children off with the other parent. I explained to the Deputy the children were to be with me until Sunday based on the agreed upon Summer schedule between myself and the other parent. He completely understanding and I assured him the children would been there on our agreed schedule. I did as agreed and after I dropped them off I have never seen them again.
    My ex took me to court a few weeks later after Janice Burke wrote a letter to CPS as the children's "Mental Health Counselor" and got a protection order against me so I could not see the children. This was all approved by Swanhart.
    Commissioner Swanhart ended up having a court investigation but as we all know she doesn't like to be wrong. I can no longer see my children because of something my ex-husband did. My poor children are now lost in this big world with out their mom.
    To top it off my ex once again had the protection order I had against him in Pierce County thrown out. He submitted altered time cards and a letter from his employer stating he was in Okanogan County at the time of the break in even though he admitted to making all of the calls he had made.

    I think it would benefit all of us if we were to get together and make the courts remove her from the bench.

    She has completely destroyed my life by enabling the abuser to continue to abusing me through the courts.

    Oh and by the way...Yes, I still have to pay child support even though she will not let me see my children....

  14. She is a hack. Yes she needs removed and her retirement taken away for the harm she has caused.

    The rest of us have to just live with what she did. It is Evil!